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Your Discomfort Zone Will Kill You

Your Discomfort Zone Will Kill You
By Elizabeth Filips • Issue #2 • View online
It’s been an emotional week on my end. I will admit I’ve spent as much time tracking my YouTube subscribers as breathing. At 10,000 subs, I reached milestones I never even dreamed of. And I felt just absolute terror.
It really doesn’t make sense. I’ve seen Instagram photos of people with balloons of 1K, 50K, 1M. Smiling, excited, overjoyed. Celebrating. So why is it that all I felt was fear?
We are told that our comfort zone will kill us. That we should aim for more. That happiness and meaning comes after working hard and achieving things.
Well, I found that the discomfort zone of ‘achievement’ is just as painful. When you first get there, it’s just imposter syndrome. You want to cry (which I did), quit and leave. Just as much as you did when you were in your comfort zone before starting.
But this is so liberating. It’s terrible either way: not doing anything, or going for what you’re scared of. So you might as well try. Life will always suck one way or another. But it’s worth some small highs.
And once you get used to that new place of discomfort, it starts becoming less so. We’re hardwired to be weary and scared of somewhere new. But once they become familiar, perhaps we can say ‘Hey, this isn’t a big deal.’ And we keep moving forward.
I anticipate the next milestones on this online journey will be less shocking. Maybe you’ll even see me smile with a cake one day.
So what are you holding back from, what is the dream discomfort zone you’re avoiding?
Wishing you a wonderful week,
Liz xx

Quote of the week
“Develop the habit of letting small bad things happen. If you don’t, you’ll never find time for the life-changing big things.”
Deep Work - Cal Newport 
Song of the week
Discovered this baby and been listening to it an ungodly amount of times.
Carry You Home - song by James Blunt | Spotify
YouTube Videos this week
HOME TOUR - My London Medical Student Flat
HOME TOUR - My London Medical Student Flat
Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine - Day in the Life of a London Med Student
Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine - Day in the Life of a London Med Student
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Elizabeth Filips

Hiya, I'm Elizabeth, a medical student, artist and YouTuber in London. Every Sunday I write about exploring meaning, productivity, little pleasures and just navigating life. And some of my favourite things that week.

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