Why I'm OK with being mediocre





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Why I'm OK with being mediocre
By Elizabeth Filips • Issue #8 • View online
I’ve changed. 
I’ve just realised, I’ve gone from a “never show your work until it’s perfect” kind of person, to a “put things out anyways and cry if you must” kind of person. And it’s been incredible. 
I’ve been programmed to only produce ‘good’ work. To do my research first. To practice until perfect. I’m so scared of people seeing sub-par work. Of people thinking I’m embarrassing, or stupid, or the worst of the worst: that I don’t know just how mediocre my work is. 
Because I really do. 
But one of the best things I’ve ever heard about this, is Seth Godin’s response to someone asking him why they just weren’t very good at writing.
His answer: “Show me your bad work.”
And they had nothing to show. I’ve often been in the same position. I do spend a lot of time thinking about things I want to do, scared that if I tried I wouldn’t be good - but not actually trying. 
And it seems so simple and obvious: but how do I expect to improve if I don’t put out terrible work first?
You can tell a lot about how good someone is at what they do by how much terrible work they’ve already produced. 
So knowing this, reminding myself of this, convincing myself that things are guaranteed to improve if you just keep working, is the way I see things now. 
My mantra: keep producing work you hate, until you start producing work you love. 
Hope you have a great week! 
Liz xx

Quote of the week
“We cannot be taught wisdom, we have to discover it for ourselves by a journey which no one can undertake for us, an effort which no one can spare us.” 
— Alain De Botton. “How Proust Can Change Your Life”
My Favourite Things This Week
Getting signed by an agency - My wildest-dreams agency signed me! I’m now also officially a part of Standard, which makes this whole producing-content online feel way too real. I’m so excited!
Wrist rests - OH MY GOD if you don’t have one and you spend any time typing, please get one asap. I always thought these accessories were pointless, but it has become one of the biggest improvements in my quality of life this year. I have this one, it’s absolutely beautiful and so well made!
This Tweet - Kind of on-theme with this newsletter, but also kind of funny:
Nikhil Krishnan
first they laugh at you, and so far that's as far as I've gotten
YouTube Videos this week
DESK TOUR - My Student Desk Setup
DESK TOUR - My Student Desk Setup
The Man Who Changed My Life | Naval Ravikant
The Man Who Changed My Life | Naval Ravikant
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Elizabeth Filips

Hiya, I'm Elizabeth, a medical student and artist in London. Every Sunday I write about exploring meaning, productivity, little pleasures and just navigating life. And some of my favourite things that week.

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