The Abuse that Keeps on Giving





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The Abuse that Keeps on Giving
By Elizabeth Filips • Issue #49 • View online
I heard somewhere that we all have the ability to make people feel the way we were made to feel when we were growing up. It stuck with me.
I went down a spiral of wondering how easy it is for some people to make me feel safe, heard, loved, appreciated, respected, and on the other hand for others to make me feel insecure, worthless, put down, guilty, a nuisance. 
What I had always thought of as being a ‘vibe’ that someone has, I now think is a remnant, a mirror reflection of their childhood. The mood and feeling we find easy to recreate around us is the one that we’ve been the most familiar with when we were young: and it’s not always good. 
Any upbringing will be imperfect, but it’s imperfect in important ways. There’s these fine lines somewhere between being an innocent child, an unaware teenager and then a proper adult where we move towards increased responsibility for the people we are. 
The act of growing up for me has very much been the act of recognising who I am: what states of being I find natural, familiar and normal and questioning whether they really should be that way. Undoing damage is necessary, because otherwise, it just turns into abuse that keeps on giving. 
The voice of our caregivers can become a main protagonist in our mind. It’s living our life. We internalise that familiar voice, attitude, way of viewing the world and, most importantly: ourselves and hear it broadcasted into our mind forever. What would we feel if the voice wasn’t in our head, but sitting next to us on the couch, eating dinner with us on the table, sitting next to us on the bus? How fast would we walk up and go away, and why don’t we do that now?
This has turned into a ramble, but as a passionate fan of introspection and emotional warmth, here’s to much more work in that direction.
Hoping you have a brilliant week,
Lizzie xx

🪄 Quote of the week
“The one who notices is already free.”
Michael Singer, with Readwise
🖤 My Favourite Things This Week
Book: Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, Michael Singer which I’ve summarised here, is an absolute gem and definitely one of my favourite books of 2022. Consider it active meditation and a spa getaway all in one. 10/10 would recommend it.
Book: I started reading Project Hail Mary from a recommendation from someone on YouTube and it’s SOOO GOOD - it’s just my second science fiction book, and I don’t think I have the experience to claim this yet, but this genre is proving to be absolutely amazing. Favourite quote so far: “Human beings have a remarkable ability to accept the abnormal and make it normal.” I’ll try to summarise it properly once I’m done :)
Song: Mac Miller, Woods. A relaxed escape, absolute banger.
Agency of the Orphan: Someone sent me this after last weeks’ newsletter so I had to share it, it’s brilliant.
Podcast: I’m aiming to shoot Season 3 next week, if anyone has any ideas on topics I should talk about, let me know by hitting <reply> please!
People: The people who make me feel all the safe, heard, loved, appreciated, respected from above: I love you.
🎥 YouTube Video This Week:
HOME TOUR, Art Edition: My London Apartment Paintings
HOME TOUR, Art Edition: My London Apartment Paintings
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Elizabeth Filips

Heya, I'm Elizabeth, a medical student and painter in London. Some Sundays I write about exploring meaning, productivity, little pleasures and just navigating life. And some of my favourite things that week.

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