My Annual Review Notion Template - 21 Questions for 2021





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My Annual Review Notion Template - 21 Questions for 2021
By Elizabeth Filips • Issue #36 • View online
It’s the time of the year we have a great excuse to spend a few minutes reflecting (voluntarily or otherwise) on how the last 365 days have gone.
I love a great daily/weekly/monthly/yearly review, and while I am atrocious at sticking to the others with any sense of regularity, I never skip out on a good yearly review.
It gets my thoughts in order, gives me feelings similar to fresh new bedsheets, waking up on a cold winter morning, someone playing with your hair while cuddling: just all the warm, inspiring, peaceful sensations of a new beginning.
Here are the questions I’ve put together. If you’d like to get my Notion template instead, just click here :)
Here’s to a great 2022 ❤️

❄️ Elizabeth's Annual Review (2021)
  1. How did you have fun differently in 2021?
  2. How did you suffer differently in 2021?
  3. What people/kind of people did you spend less time with in 2021?
  4. What people/kind of people did you spend more time with in 2021?
  5. What did you feel guilty for in 2021?
  6. What 3 people are you the most grateful to in 2021 and why? How can you thank them? How can you find more people like this in your life?
  7. What have you learnt about the way that you deal with uncertainty in 2021?
  8. What new habits did you create in 2021? Which ones would you want to keep?
  9. Did you feel you spent enough time with your family/significant other in 2021? How would you change this in 2022?
  10. When you’ve felt proud of yourself in 2021, what were you doing?
  11. What things did you stop caring about in 2021?
  12. What new thing did you spend a lot of money on in 2021?
  13. What new thing did you spend a lot of time on in 2021?
  14. What do you feel you’ve gotten a lot better at in 2021?
  15. What did you rediscover pleasure in in 2021?
  16. When you felt at peace this year, what were you doing?
  17. What kept you up at night with excitement this year? Was it worth it? Would you want to do more of it?
  18. If you had to teach one thing you learnt this year (that would improve one’s quality of life) what would that be?
  19. Which of last years goals did you not achieve? Why did you not achieve them? Will you carry them on to 2022 and if not why?
  20. How much closer are you to your “by this age” milestones (if you have any)? Do you find yourself caring less or more about these?
  21. At the end of next year, if you are drastically exceeding your expectations, what would you be doing?
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Elizabeth Filips

Heya, I'm Elizabeth, a medical student and painter in London. Some Sundays I write about exploring meaning, productivity, little pleasures and just navigating life. And some of my favourite things that week.

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