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I WROTE A BOOK! Organised Chaos is out now 👽

I WROTE A BOOK! Organised Chaos is out now 👽
By Elizabeth Filips • Issue #52 • View online
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Heya, I mentioned a few weeks back that I’d decided to write a book - well I managed to finish my Guide to Success without Habits or Consistency!
If you’ve been watching or reading my stuff for a while now, you know I love chaos and hate habits. I just genuinely had never stopped to consider that there were other people that worked in the same way. Until I started speaking about it.
And now, I’m beyond passionate about sharing and validating the chaotically organised approach to life.
Some things I want to say:
  1. I don’t want to gatekeep information, especially when I think it would’ve changed my life if I would’ve known it sooner: so all the information in the guide will be (and has been) in my videos for free in some shape or form, this is just a whole different type of format, level of detail, work, passion and therefore, price.
  2. I’ve also recorded a free “audiobook” of me reading the whole thing, so if you prefer to listen to books or have me read it out as you follow the text, you can do that too - it’s in the bundle!
  3. If you’ve ever found my ‘productivity’ content helpful, this is probably a great fit for you.
  4. Expectations: This isn’t a 200 page breakdown (lol) of my thoughts, it’s a relatively concise 67 page e-book and 1h 24min audiobook. I wanted to make sure everything was broken down easily as I don’t want to waste your time with lots of fluff.
Lots of love and thanks for your support, it means the absolute world to this overly emotional person,
Elizabeth xx

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Elizabeth Filips

Heya, I'm Elizabeth, a medical student and painter in London. Some Sundays I write about exploring meaning, productivity, little pleasures and just navigating life. And some of my favourite things that week.

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