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I have an announcement!

I have an announcement!
By Elizabeth Filips • Issue #15 • View online
Hello everyone!!
Sorry for the mid-week email, but I couldn’t wait until Sunday to announce this - I finally set up my Book Newsletter!
If you want to get more benefits from books in your life when you don’t necessarily have the extra time (or money) to spend reading, or if you just fancy seeing how I process and make sense of books I read, you can now join my private mailing list.
I’ll share a summary, my (very honest) thoughts and main learning points from books as I read them. I’ll also add in highlights from the book, so you can hopefully benefit from it as much as possible.
It’s called The Pensieve, after Dumbledore’s memory sharing pot. As it’s kind of a way for me to share my thoughts on books with you (and the name is inspired after my favourite book so it felt really fitting).
I’d love for you to join, hopefully see you on the other side!
Elizabeth xx
PS. My video today talks about reading too:

Let Me Show You How To Become a Better Reader
Let Me Show You How To Become a Better Reader
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Elizabeth Filips

Hiya, I'm Elizabeth, a medical student and artist in London. Every Sunday I write about exploring meaning, productivity, little pleasures and just navigating life. And some of my favourite things that week.

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