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By Elizabeth Filips • Issue #48 • View online
I’ve set up a Patreon, and if you’ve ever resonated with my content, it might be a space for you 🖤
All details are below - I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing some of you on Telegram and Zoom for chats and working sessions. Full details are below, lots of love to everyone who’s ever interacted with my stuff 🤍🧡🖤
As a student myself, I just want to say PLEASE only consider this if you really reallyyyyy can afford it!

What this is:
Heya! Welcome to the family,
As a natural introvert, I thrive in solitude. However, when I do run into someone likeminded (nerdy, over-thinker, distractible, indecisive STEM lover and art-hoe), I love life. I’ve met so many people like this on the internet, and it’s been almost like remembering them, rather than getting to know strangers. It’s magical.
This is why I did this. I’m a one-girl team, but I love to connect with people. I’ll be spending a lot of time in front of my screen over the next two years: editing/studying/writing, so it would be cool to co-work together. The concept is: let’s turn Zoom on and keep each other company while working. Let’s share book suggestions, ideas and notes. Let’s keep each other accountable for our weekly/longer term projects. Let’s just chat about anything really.
I do feel strongly about giving all content possible for free, so I don’t think I’ll be adding bonus content here (for now), but there are thoughts and chats I only have in smaller groups and not on the wider internet: that we can definitely do together.
I don’t want to promise anything grandiose! If you just want to support me, that would be super-cool, but if you think we’d get along/you want some soft-accountability and potentially a space to connect with similar people, I’m hoping to build a little group of us and connect. All tiers will have the exact same perks, it’s just a level-of-support difference.
Let’s build this space together and see how it goes. I’m excited to meet you xx 
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Elizabeth Filips

Heya, I'm Elizabeth, a medical student and painter in London. Some Sundays I write about exploring meaning, productivity, little pleasures and just navigating life. And some of my favourite things that week.

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